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       Relaxation Massage is essentially the same as a gentle Swedish massage, that uses
       smooth, gliding strokes. 
The primary purpose will be to help you relax, and the massage
       therapist will probably
move at a slower pace and use light pressure.
During a relaxation massage there is less emphasis on working  out
       serious adhesions or knots in the muscle tissue. ( my massage also includes harder   
       pressure to relief tension and stress) Sometimes people even fall asleep during a
       relaxation massage.

        There are still substantial health benefits to a relaxation massage, including calming the
         nervous system, promoting a sense of well being, improving blood circulation and
         stimulating the body's lymphatic system, which carries away waste products.


           MASSAGES and The POWER of TOUCH !

                     ""Introductory MASSAGE""
                        60 min Swedish or Deep
                           Tissue Massage for $45
                                Monday - Friday
                                     (12n till 6pm)
                          (expires 7/31/15 no gift certificates

60 Minute
 Foot  Dip
    for $60
Expires 7/31/15       order online

     //**FULL PRICES for Relaxation Massage**//
            $1 a minute for 60 min or 90 min massage
                              (314) 724-3116

                             "Experience a Touch that Relaxes"
           ( same TOUCH, same PERSON "Ken" )

  90 Minute Deep Tissue or Swedish Massage
                  Once a Month for $70
                                     Expires 7/31/15

                                     HOURS Available

                                  Available 8am - 8pm
                                 SATURDAY 12n - 4pm
                                 SUNDAY - Ocassionally
Purchase a Gift Certificate for family or a friend online at   (click on gift certificate)
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